1 Church, 2 Services

2 Services = 2 Opportunities = MORE Worship

THIS Sunday, August 14, The Grove Bible Chapel will be moving from 1 to 2 Sunday morning worship services each week. The first will start at 9am; the second will start at 11:15am. This will not only allow for more people to come and worship with us as God continues to grow His church, but it will also provide an opportunity for each person to worship more.

Worship in the WORD

Each Sunday, everyone has the opportunity to worship by participating in singing praise to the Lord and in the hearing of God’s Word.

Worship in the WORK

Each Sunday, everyone has the opportunity to worship through serving by participating and getting involved in the work of one of our Sunday morning ministries.

Worship in the WORD and worship in the WORK–
We now have the unique opportunity to do both each week in ONE Worship Sunday!

Hear more about this from Pastor Scott:

Get Involved

Want to find out more about how you can get involved and participate in the WORK of The Grove Bible Chapel each week? Contact us here to get involved.