The Grove Women

The Grove Women gather to pray, study the Word of God, encourage and serve one another.   You won’t want to miss this opportunity to gather and enjoy the the fellowship of these evenings, designed just for the women of our church.  Our gatherings are focused on equipping women, as we take a closer look at the Word of God and examine how what God says effects our thinking, our behavior and our world view.  Our lessons are taught by a variety of voices; woman who are committed to study and submit themselves to a high view of Scripture. Many things in this world are temporal, but the fear of the Lord is eternal and brings a woman blessing and praise. (Colossians 4, I Thessalonians 5, Titus 2, Proverbs 31).

This Spring, our series of lessons are titled Women in the Word, an 8-week offering based on various women from the pages of Scripture.  Come and learn from these unique Women in the Word, who God uses as examples, both in what to be and what not to be in this life! We meet on Tuesday evenings, beginning at 6:30pm and ending, promptly, at 8:00pm.  Childcare is not provided.  

Spring 2021 Women’s Ministry Dates are below.  Feel free to click on the orange text to be directed to a video link of that lesson.

You are welcome to watch our Women’s Bible Study lessons from Fall 2020 here:

Be sure to mark your calendar for our very first Women’s Conference, scheduled for Saturday, October 2, 2021.  This all-day event is planned for the women of our church, as well as those in the Greater Grove community of churches.  It’s going to be great and we would love for you to plan to be a part of it!  We will be sharing more information on this exciting (and long-awaited) event in the early fall. 

If you haven’t noticed already, the people of the Grove Bible Chapel love to be together.  Our family atmosphere is contagious; and no more so than at Women’s Bible study!  So, come, join us, and get to know some of the wonderful women of the Grove.  We look forward with great expectation to all God has for us in the future. Please feel free to contact our Women’s Ministry Coordinator,  Karla Pierre, with any questions or comments regarding The Grove Women.

You are Loved!