The Grove Students

At the Grove Students, we welcome students from 6th through 12th grade for weekly meetings and scattered high-impact events throughout the year. Meeting Sunday nights, our church offers two, separate programs, one for middle and another for high school students, designed to make disciples of Christ. We strive to see lost students saved and saved students matured.

Particularly curated to each age group, our Middle School Ministry focuses on giving students confidence in the Word of God; equipping them with a biblical worldview. By the end of our three-year program, we trust students will feel more secure in their faith, as they have explored basic levels of theology, as well as foundational elements from a broad survey of the Old and New Testaments.

Our High School Ministry deepens students understanding of the Gospel, by examining one’s personal identity in Christ. We consider how a Christian should react to the culture around him, as well as answer ancient questions, such as who are we in Christ and how does our identity in Him change how we live?

The Grove Students exists to uplift the entire family; first, by equipping students and second, by aiding parents as they seek to fulfill their God-given role in their student’s life. Join us as we worship Jesus with enthusiasm, learn from the Word of God, gather in small groups and dive deeper in our knowledge, obedience, reverence and love for our Lord.

For more information on either our Junior High Ministry or High School Ministry, please email Pastor Amir Kashtan.

The Grove Students Camp 2024

Camp 2024, “ALLEGIANCE” was incredible! Watch our highlight video: