The Grove Kids

The Grove Kids exists to glorify God by sharing the good news of Jesus, by showing God’s love and elevating God’s Word to children in a safe, attractive, and age-appropriate way. It’s one of the best parenting moves you can make!

As parents we count the time spent in many areas of our children’s lives: practicing the piano, watching TV, playing video games, and exercising… all areas where we count by minutes and hours. By many studies, time spend in church attendance is critical to a child’s healthy development.

Okay, forget the studies. Just ask parents. Adults who grew up going to church, then took a break in early adulthood, often run to find a church as soon as they have children. Why? Because they sense what we know—God has something to say about how we live our lives. Parents understand it’s their responsibility to teach this to their kids, but most of us need some help too.

Our Team

Our classrooms are staffed by volunteers who love Jesus and love kids. They are committed to Jesus’ mission to make disciples and they share his heart for children. Before they ever get into a classroom, they promise to adhere to clearly established safety procedures, they plan creative ways to interact with kids, and they pray that God would be at work in the ministry.

While in the classroom, they seek to connect relationally with kids, teach them age-appropriate truth from God’s Word, and engage them with energy and enthusiasm.

If your child will be coming to The Grove Kids for the first time, meet us in The Grove Kids Check IN room on Sunday mornings before church begins!

If you have any questions about The Grove Kids, please email Franchesca Kelly here.

For Parents

We are here to partner with you as a parent. One of the ways we can do that is provide you with tools and resources to continue talking with your child about what they hear in The Grove Kids each Sunday. Click here to sign up for access to each week’s lesson content and resources.